6 Korean Brands Like MINISO:

6 Korean Brands Like MINISO:


In recent years, the popularity of Korean brands has ‍skyrocketed, thanks to their innovative designs, affordable⁣ prices, and high-quality ‌products. ⁤MINISO, ‌a Japanese-inspired Korean brand, has gained ⁣immense popularity worldwide for its variety of ⁢products ranging from home goods to fashion accessories. ⁣If you’re a fan of MINISO and looking for similar brands to explore, we’ve got you covered. In this⁤ article, we will introduce you to six Korean brands ⁣that offer similar products and shopping experiences. So, let’s dive in and discover these amazing brands!

Brand 1: Mumuso

1. Affordability: Like MINISO, Mumuso is known for its ‍budget-friendly prices. They offer a ‌wide range of​ products at affordable ⁣rates, making⁣ it ⁤a go-to‍ brand for those looking for trendy items without breaking the bank.

2. Product Variety: Just like MINISO, Mumuso offers a diverse selection of products. From home decor and⁢ stationery‌ to beauty and fashion accessories,⁤ you can find almost anything ‍you need at⁢ Mumuso.

3. ⁤Minimalist Aesthetic: Mumuso’s products often feature a clean and minimalist design, ⁣similar to MINISO. If you appreciate simplicity‌ and elegance, you’ll love the aesthetic of Mumuso⁤ products.

Brand 2: A’PIEU

1. Skincare Focus: A’PIEU is a⁢ Korean brand that specializes in skincare products. If you’re a fan of MINISO’s skincare range, you’ll find A’PIEU⁢ equally impressive. They offer a wide ​range of skincare items, including ⁣cleansers,‍ moisturizers, serums,‌ and more.

2. Affordable ​Beauty: Just like ⁤MINISO, A’PIEU focuses on providing beauty products at affordable prices. You can enjoy high-quality Korean beauty products without burning a hole in your pocket.

3. Cute Packaging: A’PIEU is known for its adorable and unique packaging. ​If you appreciate​ cute⁤ and eye-catching designs, ‍A’PIEU will surely capture your ⁤heart.⁤ Their products⁤ often come in colorful and playful packaging.


1. Character Products: KAKAO FRIENDS is ​a Korean ‍brand that specializes in⁤ character-themed ‍products. Just⁤ like MINISO, they offer a variety of products ‍featuring beloved characters like Ryan, Apeach, and Frodo. From plush toys to home decor, KAKAO FRIENDS has something for every character lover.

2. Collaboration Collections: KAKAO FRIENDS frequently collaborates with ⁤popular brands and artists to create limited edition collections. If‌ you enjoy⁤ unique and exclusive products,‍ keep an eye out for⁣ their collaboration releases.

3. Adorable Accessories: KAKAO FRIENDS offers a wide range of cute and stylish accessories. Whether you’re looking for phone cases, bags,⁤ or keychains, you’ll find plenty of adorable options to choose from.

Brand 4: The Saem

1. Natural ⁣Ingredients: The Saem is a Korean ⁣brand that emphasizes the use of natural ingredients in their ⁣products, similar to MINISO. If you prefer skincare and ‍beauty items made⁢ with natural ⁣extracts and ingredients, The Saem ⁤is ⁢worth exploring.

2. Extensive Skincare Range: The Saem⁤ offers an extensive range of skincare products catering to different skin types and ​concerns. From ⁤cleansers and‌ toners to ⁤masks and serums, you’ll find everything you need ⁤to build a comprehensive⁢ skincare routine.

3. Popular Sheet Masks: The Saem ⁢is renowned for its sheet masks,⁢ just like⁢ MINISO. Their sheet masks are infused with beneficial ingredients to provide hydration, nourishment, ​and brightening effects to your skin.

Brand 5: TonyMoly

1. Playful Packaging: TonyMoly is a⁣ Korean brand known for‍ its playful and ⁢creative packaging. If you enjoy unique and eye-catching designs, TonyMoly is‍ the brand for you. Their products‌ often come in adorable shapes ​and feature cute characters.

2.⁣ Extensive Makeup Selection: ‍Just like MINISO, TonyMoly offers a⁤ wide range of makeup ⁤products. From foundations and lipsticks to eyeshadows and blushes, you’ll find a plethora of options to enhance​ your beauty routine.

3. Skincare ​and Makeup Fusion: TonyMoly combines skincare ‌and makeup⁢ in many of their products. For example, their popular “Panda’s Dream”⁤ line features both skincare and cosmetic ⁤items, allowing you‍ to achieve ​a flawless complexion while nourishing your⁢ skin.

Brand 6: Innisfree

1. Natural ‌and Eco-friendly: Innisfree is a‍ Korean brand that​ focuses on using natural and eco-friendly ingredients in their products. Just like MINISO, Innisfree prides itself on delivering ⁣sustainable beauty options while minimizing environmental‍ impact.

2. Jeju-inspired Range: Innisfree draws inspiration from Jeju Island, known for its pristine⁣ nature. Many of their products⁣ feature ingredients sourced from Jeju, such as green tea, volcanic clay, and orchids,⁤ to provide effective and nourishing benefits for your ⁣skin.

3. Popular Sheet Masks: Innisfree offers⁣ a wide variety of ⁣sheet masks, similar to MINISO. Their sheet masks are infused with natural extracts and essences to address various skin concerns and provide‌ a pampering⁤ experience.


In conclusion, if you’re‌ a fan⁢ of MINISO and the Korean shopping ⁤experience⁤ it‌ offers, these six brands will certainly ​pique your interest. Mumuso, A’PIEU, KAKAO FRIENDS, The Saem, ​TonyMoly, and Innisfree⁣ offer a diverse range of products, from affordable home goods and beauty products to cute character-themed items and natural‌ skincare options. Explore these brands ‌and discover the perfect additions to your lifestyle‌ and beauty routines. Enjoy the Korean charm and quality that these brands provide, ‍all while staying true to MINISO’s essence.

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