6 Clothing Brands Like Reformation:

6 Clothing Brands Like Reformation:


In the fashion world, finding clothing brands that align with your personal style and values can be a ⁣challenge. Reformation, known for its sustainable and ‌stylish designs, has gained popularity among fashion-forward individuals. However, if you’re looking to discover other brands⁣ that offer⁢ similar aesthetics and⁢ values,‌ we’ve‌ got you covered. In this article, we will explore ⁤six clothing brands‌ that are like Reformation, each offering their unique take on sustainable and ⁢trendy fashion. Let’s ‍dive ​in!

Brand 1: Everlane

1. Ethical Production: Everlane is dedicated to ⁤full transparency in ⁤their ⁢production processes. They believe that ⁣the best way to‌ create sustainable clothing is by partnering ⁣with ethical factories around the world. Through their “Radical Transparency” initiative, they provide detailed information about the factories they work with, including the⁤ materials used and employee​ well-being.

2. Timeless Designs: Just like Reformation, Everlane focuses on creating wardrobe essentials that stand the test of time. Their designs are minimalistic, chic, and versatile, allowing you ⁢to mix and match effortlessly. From their classic denim collection to their sustainable cashmere sweaters, Everlane⁤ offers timeless pieces that you can wear for years ‌to come.

3. Sustainable Materials: Everlane is committed to using sustainable materials. They ​prioritize using ⁤organic cotton, recycled polyester, and other eco-friendly fabrics throughout their collections. This dedication to sustainability ensures that​ you can look good while reducing your environmental impact.

Brand 2: Patagonia

1. Environmental Advocacy: Patagonia is not⁣ only ‍a clothing brand but a pioneer in advocating for environmental preservation. This⁢ brand believes in⁤ using business to inspire and implement solutions to the⁢ environmental crisis. Their commitment to environmental activism sets them apart and makes ‌them akin to Reformation.

2. Versatile Outdoor Wear: Just like Reformation, Patagonia ⁣offers fashionable and functional clothing. Their outdoor wear is designed for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts,⁢ combining style, comfort, and durability. From their⁤ iconic fleece jackets to their eco-friendly swimwear, Patagonia has clothing options for all your outdoor activities.

3. Fair‌ Trade Certified: Patagonia is committed to fair trade practices, ensuring​ that their ⁣workers receive fair wages ​and operate in safe ⁤working conditions. By supporting Patagonia, you are contributing to their efforts of promoting fair trade across ⁤the fashion industry.

Brand 3: ⁣Amour Vert

1. Sustainable Fabrics: Amour Vert, which means “green love”‍ in French, focuses on creating fashionable clothing using eco-friendly fabrics. Just like Reformation, they use materials like organic ⁢cotton and TENCEL™, ‌which are both sustainable and ⁢gentle on the environment.

2.⁣ Effortlessly Chic⁢ Style: Amour Vert’s​ designs are known ⁤for their effortless and ⁣elegant style. From their flowy​ dresses to their tailored tops,⁤ Amour Vert offers ‌fashion-forward pieces that can be dressed up ⁣or down, making them perfect ⁣for ⁤various occasions.

3. Planting Trees: ⁣As part of their commitment to sustainability, Amour ⁤Vert plants a tree ⁢for ⁣every purchase made. This initiative helps to combat deforestation and reduce carbon​ emissions. By supporting Amour Vert, you are contributing to their reforestation efforts ⁤and making a‌ positive impact‌ on the planet.

Brand 4:⁢ Veja

1. Fair Trade Sneakers: Veja is a footwear brand that specializes‍ in creating ⁣stylish sneakers using fair trade practices. Similar to⁤ Reformation, they value ethical production⁣ and work directly with small-scale producers ⁢in Brazil. By choosing Veja, you can rock a pair of trendy sneakers⁣ while supporting fair trade.

2. Sustainable Materials: Veja takes pride in using ⁤sustainable⁣ materials throughout their sneaker production. They prioritize ‌organic‌ cotton,⁣ fair trade rubber, and recycled materials⁣ in their ⁣manufacturing​ process. These eco-friendly choices ensure that you can step out ​in style while minimizing your ​carbon footprint.

3. Social and Environmental Responsibility: ​Veja goes beyond creating sustainable ⁣sneakers;​ they also focus on social⁢ and environmental responsibility. They aim ​to create positive‍ change by‌ partnering with NGOs, supporting local ⁤communities, and implementing recycling initiatives. Your ​Veja sneakers can⁣ be a symbol of⁢ your⁣ commitment to a better world.

Brand 5: Mara Hoffman

1. ​Vibrant Patterns: Mara ⁣Hoffman is⁣ known for its vibrant ⁣and unique patterns, ‌similar⁢ to Reformation’s eye-catching‌ designs. Whether it’s a colorful ‌maxi dress or a playful jumpsuit, Mara Hoffman’s clothing adds a touch of personality to any wardrobe.

2. Sustainable ‍Swimwear: Just like Reformation,⁤ Mara Hoffman offers ‍a⁣ wide⁤ range of sustainable ‍swimwear​ options. Their swimwear collection features eco-friendly materials, such as ECONYL®‌ regenerated nylon, made from recycled fishing nets and other waste materials.

3. Women Empowerment: Mara Hoffman is ‌committed to empowering women and supporting female artisans⁣ worldwide. They collaborate⁤ with women’s cooperatives and fair trade organizations to ‌ensure fair wages and safe working conditions for their garment workers. By choosing Mara Hoffman, you‍ contribute to the upliftment of‌ women in the⁤ fashion industry.

Brand 6: Christy Dawn

1. Vintage-inspired Designs: Christy Dawn takes inspiration from vintage silhouettes, similar to Reformation’s nostalgic designs. Their ⁣dresses and separates ⁣showcase timeless elegance⁤ and ‍femininity, making them perfect for those who appreciate a classic aesthetic.

2. Deadstock Fabrics: Christy Dawn’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of deadstock fabrics. Deadstock refers to leftover or unused fabrics from major fashion houses. By repurposing⁣ these materials, Christy Dawn reduces waste and creates truly unique pieces.

3. Artisanal Craftsmanship: Like Reformation, Christy Dawn values high-quality craftsmanship and⁢ works with skilled ⁢artisans. Their clothing is ethically made ⁤in Los Angeles, ensuring fair ⁤wages and‌ supporting local communities. When you wear Christy Dawn, you can be confident in the artistry ‌and ethics behind your outfit.


In the search for clothing brands ‍similar⁤ to Reformation, it’s ⁤evident that there are⁤ several options that align with sustainable practices and stylish designs. Whether you choose Everlane for its transparency, Patagonia for ‌its environmental ​advocacy, or Veja for its fair trade sneakers, each brand offers its unique contribution to the world of sustainable fashion. By supporting these brands, ⁢you can ​look good,‍ feel good, and⁢ make a positive impact on the planet⁢ and the people involved in the fashion industry. So go ahead and explore these‍ alternatives to Reformation, and embrace sustainable and‌ trendsetting fashion!

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