6 Clothing Brands Like Disturbia:

6 Clothing Brands Like Disturbia:


If you’re looking to add some punk-rock-inspired​ classics to your wardrobe, Disturbia Clothing is one⁣ of the best labels to check out. Established in 2002, Disturbia ⁢has gained an impressive following for‍ their ⁢cult edgy streetwear, and their designs have been seen on⁤ everyone from Lady Gaga to Rihanna. ​While ⁣Disturbia is an iconic brand, there are also other great labels out there ⁣that offer similar⁢ looks and styles that ⁤are just as cool and unique. Here we will take a look at 6 clothing brands⁣ like Disturbia that can ​add a ‌bit of edge to your wardrobe.

Brand ​1: Galaxxxy

1. Design Aesthetic: Galaxxxy’s designs are fun and unique,⁤ featuring bright colors ⁢and ⁤playful⁣ graphics.‍ Their clothes are heavily‌ inspired ⁣by anime⁤ and manga, as⁢ well as streetwear fashion. ⁢They also take cues from Harajuku fashion, creating bold statement pieces that are sure to make a‌ statement.

2. Price Point: Galaxxxy ⁣is relatively affordable – their clothes ‌range from $15-$50, and ⁣they have frequent sales.

3.⁣ Availability: The brand is available in ⁢select stores worldwide, as well ‌as online through their website and various retailers.

Brand 2: Hellz Bellz

1. Design Aesthetic: Hellz Bellz is an LA-based label whose designs⁤ offer a unique mix of streetwear and ⁣feminine undertones. The brand is⁢ known for​ their bold use of bright colors and⁣ graphic prints,⁤ which ⁢makes them stand out in comparison to other streetwear brands.

2. Price Point: Hellz​ Bellz is more expensive as the clothes range from $25-$120, but they are well-made and very unique.

3. Availability: Hellz ​Bellz is available online through their website, as well as select stores worldwide.

Brand 3: Grand Scheme

1. Design Aesthetic: Grand Scheme has a ​unique ⁢design aesthetic that blends both feminine and masculine elements.⁢ Their clothes feature androgynous cuts ⁢and styles, bright colors, and bold graphics. ⁣The brand’s designs are ⁢highly ‌wearable and easily styled with everyday staples.​

2.⁢ Price Point: ‌Grand‌ Scheme’s clothes range from $25-$100, ​making them fairly affordable.

3. Availability: Grand Scheme ‍is available online through their website and select stores.

Brand 4: ⁢Haus of Hadley

1. Design Aesthetic: Haus of Hadley ‌is ​a New York-based brand that specialize‌ in creating unique prints and graphics with​ a⁣ punk-inspired edge. The brand’s‍ clothes​ feature an‌ eclectic mix ⁤of bold prints​ and cuts, with⁣ an emphasis on dark ⁣colors ⁤and distressed pieces.

2. Price ‍Point: ​ Haus of Hadley’s clothes ‍range from ‍$20-$150, making them a bit ⁢on‌ the pricier side but⁢ still ⁢fairly affordable.

3. Availability: Haus of Hadley is available online through their website and select stores.

Brand 5: O-Mighty

1. Design Aesthetic: O-Mighty is ​a ‍US-based brand with a playful and kitschy vibe. Their clothes feature bright colors and unique graphics inspired by ‍pop-culture and ‍vintage trends. ⁤O-Mighty is also known for ⁣their parody ​pieces, which poke fun at popular trends and ⁣well-known​ brands.

2. Price ⁣Point: ⁢ O-Mighty’s clothes range from $20-$85, making them fairly affordable.

3. Availability: O-Mighty is available online through their website and select‍ stores.

Brand 6: Killstar

1. Design Aesthetic: Killstar is a UK-based brand that specializes in creating goth-inspired clothing. Their clothes feature an⁢ edgy⁤ mix of dark hues, bold prints, and ⁢distressed details.

2. Price Point: Killstar’s clothes range from $25-$90, making ‌them very ​affordable.

3.⁢ Availability: Killstar⁢ is available online ‍through their website and select stores.‍


There are a wide variety of clothing brands out there to choose from when looking to ⁤add‍ a bit of edge to your wardrobe.⁣ Disturbia Clothing is one of the most popular punk-inspired labels and it is no ⁣surprise that ⁣it has gained an impressive following ⁣over the⁤ years. However, there are also other great labels‍ like ⁤Galaxxxy, Hellz⁤ Bellz, Grand Scheme, Haus of Hadley,⁤ O-Mighty, and Killstar that can‌ help you ⁢add some punk-rock-inspired classics to your ⁤wardrobe. Each of these brands has their own unique ‌and edgy ‍style that you can mix and match‍ to create‌ a unique look that is all ⁤your ⁣own.

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