6 Brands Like Woolrich:

6 Brands Like Woolrich:


For​ over 170 ​years, ​Woolrich has been producing quality ⁢woolen outerwear for the adventuresome and stylish alike. Founded in 1830, wool was first used to produce coats and blankets in the US,⁢ but the brand soon found its place​ in the outdoor-wear scene thanks ⁤to its⁢ superior quality ⁣attire. With the intention of being “a⁤ symbol of outdoor living”,⁣ Woolrich has stayed true to that mission for almost two centuries. In today’s day and age, Woolrich ​continues to offer products for⁣ the outdoor lifestyle, blending its classic vintage style with modern‍ functionality and materials. But if you’re looking for ‌something a little different, there​ are plenty of alternative​ companies that have similar or unique pieces that ⁣might fit perfectly in your wardrobe. So let’s explore ​some brands like Woolrich that ⁢will⁤ keep you‍ looking​ fashionable during your outdoor adventures.

Brand 1: Patagonia

1. History: Patagonia is an outdoor apparel and equipment ⁣company founded in 1973 ‌by Yvon Chouinard. Focusing ⁣on ‍alpinism and⁢ climbing, ⁤the ⁢company ​has ⁢since grown to include ski and snowboarding⁣ apparel, surfing suits, and other⁢ outdoor wear. From the​ beginning, Patagonia has advocated ⁢for the protection of the environment, and ⁤actively works to ‍reduce their environmental ‍impact in‌ their production processes.

2. Quality: ‍ As far as quality goes, Patagonia creates exceptional pieces‌ that are designed to last. ‌Patagonia’s durability and ‍performance is ⁢hard to beat, and their ‌waterproof garments are highly praised by outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Style: Patagonia ‌offers pieces that, while clearly inspired by the outdoors, are designed to complement a variety of different styles. With an offering of classic colors and silhouettes, it’s‌ easy to ‌find something that⁤ will go perfectly with any outfit.

Brand 2: Carhartt

1. History: Carhartt was founded in ‍1889 by Hamilton‍ Carhartt, with its main focus on⁣ workwear. The company continues to this day to ⁣provide quality work attire in many industries, and​ has ‌branched‌ out to ⁢include outdoor ​and lifestyle apparel.

2. Quality: Artfully crafted and designed to withstand the rigors of ​an ⁢outdoor⁣ lifestyle, Carhartt boasts some of the most dependable ⁤garments in the market⁢ today. Many of their garments are heavy-duty and promise superior durability, which is why they have​ developed a loyal following‍ among⁢ outdoor⁢ enthusiasts.

3. Style: Carhartt has an array of⁤ items with‌ its signature workwear look, and the brand has broken​ into the⁣ fashion scene in recent years with a series​ of collaborations with popular designers and​ streetwear ⁢brands.‍

Brand 3: Filson

1.​ History: Founded in 1897 ​by C.C. Filson in Seattle, Filson ⁢began as a goods supplier to the‍ prospectors ⁤of the Klondike Gold Rush. Receiving ‌acclaim for its durable products, Filson established ⁢itself‍ as ‌a‌ trusted maker of ‌outdoor‌ apparel⁢ in America.

2. Quality: Filson is known for its superior ⁣quality, producing some‍ of​ the best materials in ⁣the industry. The material is known to ⁢last a long time, so you won’t have‍ to worry about buying a new piece of ‌Filson‌ any time soon.

3. Style: ‌Drawing ⁤inspiration from its mining heritage, Filson produces garments that have a ‌classic rugged⁣ aesthetic. The​ use of‌ plaids,⁤ leather, and waxed ⁣cotton give Filson’s pieces a⁣ timeless look that’s hard to resist.

Brand 4: Brooks ⁢Brothers

1. History: ​Brooks⁢ Brothers is one of the oldest fashion brands in the ‍United States, having been‍ founded in⁣ 1818. Originally‍ focusing on providing uniforms for soldiers, it has since moved on to its current‌ customer base of business professionals. In recent years, the company has also ventured into the outdoor and lifestyle apparel world.

2. Quality: As with all Brooks⁤ Brothers’ apparel, outdoor and lifestyle pieces are made with the utmost of care and precision. The materials ⁣are ⁢chosen with the outdoor lifestyle ⁢in ‌mind, so you can rest assured that⁣ your choice ⁤of Brooks‌ Brothers will be ‍long-lasting and⁣ dependable.

3. Style: ⁢ Brooks Brothers​ has a unique handsome look that cannot⁣ be matched. ⁢Mixing classic Americana with timeless ​silhouettes, Brooks ‌Brothers’ ​pieces offer a polished, ​modernized ⁢look that will not ⁤go unnoticed.

Brand 5: Duluth Trading Co.

1.⁤ History: Duluth Trading⁤ Co. is an outdoor ‌and workwear company ⁣founded in 1989. Known ⁣for ​its timeless apparel, ⁢Duluth’s mission is to⁢ “help ‌hardworking ⁢guys and gals​ make the​ most‍ of the toughest jobs”.

2. Quality: All of Duluth’s products‌ are made with exceptional materials that promise superior durability. Whether you’re working hard or hitting the outdoors, Duluth’s garments are designed ⁢to handle just about any situation.

3. Style: With timeless pieces, ‍Duluth Trading Co. offers classic styles with a modern twist.‍ Their pieces are comfortable, practical, and sure to make a statement ‍whether ⁢you’re at work or outdoors.

Brand 6:​ L.L.Bean

1. History: In 1912, Leon Leonwood ⁣Bean set out to create the perfect pair ⁤of hunting⁢ boots. By 1916, the ⁣success of his⁣ original Beaver boot earned him a loyal following, proving the‍ durability of his products. Since‌ then, L.L.Bean has since grown into a comprehensive outdoor ‌apparel ⁢company.

2. Quality: For a ‍century, L.L.Bean has ‌been producing ‍quality garments ​that are sure to ‍last for years. Using carefully sourced and ​tested materials, ‌L.L.Bean ⁢has‌ a​ proven track record of creating⁢ dependable items that are used ⁤in the harshest ⁣conditions.

3. Style: L.L.Bean provides pieces‌ with a classic heritage look that ‌fit perfectly with most styles. Whether you’re⁢ looking​ for something to complete a laid-back look or ‌something rugged and‍ outdoorsy, you’re‌ bound to find something at‍ L.L.Bean.


When you think of outdoor apparel, Woolrich is often the go to name,⁢ and for good reason.​ But if you’re looking for something different, there are ⁤plenty‍ of options ​out there. From Patagonia and Carhartt to Filson, Brooks Brothers, Duluth Trading Co., and L.L.Bean,⁤ there’s something for everyone. Whether you‍ need something for the outdoors or ⁣everyday‌ wear, these brands like ‍Woolrich will make sure you look your best.

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