6 Brands Like Tokidoki:

6 Brands Like Tokidoki:


Tokidoki is‍ a massively popular design brand, based on Japanese culture and ⁢imagery. The Tokidoki brand encompasses a ⁤wide range of products including clothing,⁤ toys, bedding, jewelry, accessories, stationery, and art‌ prints. ⁣If‌ you’re a fan of the this unique ⁤design style, here’s 6 similar brands that are sure to resonate with you.

Brand 1: Animi ⁢Causa

1. Unique Characters: Animi ⁤Causa has a cast of⁢ unique and quirky animals, from rhinos to lobsters, that feature‌ prominently on the brand’s products. They offer a‌ range of stuffed toys, stationery, bags, and ⁣jewelry items.

2. Pleasant Pastels: Animi Causa’s⁣ main​ colour palette ‌is comprised of muted pastels inspired ​by‍ the European countryside. From olive green to duck egg blue, these refreshing ​shades echo the beauty of nature.

3. High Quality: Every Animi Causa product is lovingly crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality. ​Their products are built to last, with⁤ intricate detailing that set them apart from other brands.


1. Plush Toys: SQUISHMALLOW ‌offers an extensive ‍range of cuddly plush⁢ toys in various⁣ sizes and shapes. From ‌chubby foxes ⁣to giant pandas, ​they’ve got it all so you⁣ can find the perfect toy to squish.

2. ⁤Sweet Treats: ⁣SQUISHMALLOW also offers a range of yummy‌ candy-inspired plush toys in adorable sizes. From squishy cupcakes to giant milkshakes, these sweet treats make ⁢ideal cuddly companions.

3.​ Soft and Cozy: All of their plush toys are⁣ made of super soft and cozy ​polyester, with enough ​stuffing for the perfect squishable hug. Every toy also comes with its very own name tag.

Brand 3: GUND

1. Iconic Characters: GUND specializes in⁢ creating ‍iconic and memorable characters in plush form. From ‌Sesame Street characters like Elmo and Big Bird​ to classic favorites like Winnie the ⁢Pooh, their toys are sure to bring a smile ‌to any face.

2. Classic Toys: ⁤ GUND also offers an⁢ impressive array of classic⁤ plush toys in the form of teddy bears,​ unicorns, and ⁤mermaids. Their toys come in various sizes ⁢and ⁤colors, so you can find the perfect​ addition to any​ toy box.

3.⁤ Longevity: GUND is passionate⁤ about creating toys that stand the test of time. All their plush toys are ​made from quality​ fabrics​ and are ultra-durable, making them an ideal choice ⁤for collectors and children alike.

Brand 4: washi&co.

1.‍ Japanese-Inspired Art: washi&co. offers a unique range of⁤ Japanese-inspired products including greeting cards, gift wrap, and stationary. All of their products feature equally unique graphic⁣ patterns, drawing inspiration⁣ from traditional Japanese culture.

2.⁤ Colorful Designs: ⁣washi&co.’s products feature bold and ⁤vibrant colors reminiscent of classic Japanese paintings. From dark purples to ‍electric blues, their products are ‌sure to‍ stand ⁢out in any collection.

3. High-Quality Materials: All their products are made using high-quality materials, with intricate detailing that make​ them‍ true works​ of art.⁤ From⁣ hand-painted designs​ to exclusive collaborations ‍with world-renowned artists, washi&co. has something for everyone.

Brand 5: Kidrobot

1. Bold Designs: Kidrobot is a brand known ⁣for ⁤their eye-catching​ designs that⁤ blend bold colors and shapes. From edgy skulls to graphic ⁣faces, all their designs have an unmistakable Kidrobot⁢ esthetic.

2. Unique Products: Kidrobot offers ⁤a ‌wide range of products,⁣ including​ clothing, figurines, art prints, and toys. All their products feature unique designs that are sure to excite and inspire.

3. Collector’s Items: Kidrobot is also well known ‍for producing limited-edition products that quickly become coveted ‍collector’s items.⁢ From collaborations with top designers to ⁤rare figures, Kidrobot specialises in⁣ creating⁤ sought-after‍ objects.

Brand 6: ​Mirai Futuristic

1. Japanese Pop‌ Culture: Mirai Futuristic is a brand⁣ inspired by Japanese pop culture. ​Their designs feature cute ⁤anime-inspired characters and bold graphic elements reminiscent ⁢of classic video games.

2. Comfortable Clothing: Mirai Futuristic ‌produces ‌a range ⁤of comfortable and zany clothing items including t-shirts,‌ hoodies, and onesies. All⁣ their ⁢clothing items ⁢are ⁣made from high-quality materials‌ and feature unique designs that are sure to turn⁣ heads.

3. A Little‍ Bit of Everything: If that⁢ wasn’t enough,⁣ Mirai Futuristic ​also ​offers⁢ a wide range⁤ of posters, stickers, collectibles, and more. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to ‍spruce up⁢ your room or ⁤a unique clothing item, Mirai Futuristic has you covered.


If you’re looking for Tokidoki-inspired products, these‌ 6 brands are ‌sure to‍ have something to offer. From⁢ unique characters to bold designs, these brands ⁢are filled with iconic⁣ pieces⁤ that are‍ sure to make a⁤ statement wherever you go. With something for everyone, it’s ‍never been easier to find the perfect⁣ item for you.

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