6 Brands Like REI:

6 Brands Like REI:


REI ​is ⁢one of​ the most renowned names in outdoor⁤ recreation,‍ helping people all over the world fulfill their gear needs for hiking, ‍camping, and other outdoor activities. ‌REI is known⁤ for providing quality, reliable ⁣products, giving customers peace of mind when selecting ‌supplies for their next big adventure. But for some shoppers, REI may not ‌have the perfect option for ⁢their needs. Whether they’re looking for specialized gear or a lower price point, there are plenty of brands out there that are similar to REI, offering a great array of products to suit any shopper’s needs. Here are six brands like REI, ones that provide quality, ‍robust equipment and customer support.

Brand 1: Patagonia

1. Quality Gear: Patagonia is a great option for those looking for⁢ gear and equipment of the same quality‍ as ​REI. Patagonia specializes in durable, reliable outdoor clothing and equipment. Whether⁢ it’s a hiking ⁤pack or a cold-weather jacket, Patagonia products are sure to take‍ you through any outdoor adventure with ease.

2. Customer Service: ‌Patagonia emphasizes customer service, ‌making sure that all‌ customers have the perfect fit for‍ their adventure. Patagonia’s customer service is industry-renowned, giving shoppers peace of mind when ordering their outdoor gear.

3. Lower Price‌ Point: While Patagonia’s gear can be ​on the⁢ pricey‍ side for some shoppers, there are still deals to be ‍had. Patagonia often offers⁤ discounts and promotions on its high-quality gear and apparel, making ‍it a great option for those looking to ‌get the same quality as REI at a better price.

Brand 2:‌ North Face

1. ​Quality Gear: Just​ like REI, North Face offers​ the same level of quality for its outdoor​ gear​ and apparel. North Face’s products are designed to be light, yet able to withstand outdoor conditions, making them ideal for any⁣ outdoor activity.

2. Range of Products: North Face has a‍ wide range of products available, from footwear to backpacks to sleeping bags. No matter your specific outdoor need, North Face has ‍something for you.

3. Durability: North Face’s ‍products ⁣are designed to last, no matter the landscape or terrain. In addition, ⁤North Face’s gear is made with fabric that is both ⁤waterproof and breathable, ensuring that ⁣you’ll be able to stay dry and comfortable, no matter the‌ environment.

Brand 3: Marmot

1.⁤ Quality Gear: Marmot specializes ⁣in outdoor ‌apparel and‌ equipment, providing the same quality found in REI’s products. Marmot’s⁤ gear is designed to be ⁣lightweight and comfortable, yet dependable in ⁣any environment.

2. Variety of Products: Marmot⁤ offers​ a ⁣wide selection of products, ranging from sleeping bags to down jackets. Whether‌ you’re in⁣ need of the perfect⁣ layering ⁢piece for a​ cold night, or a sturdy pack to haul all your ​gear, Marmot has something for ⁣everyone.

3. Warranty: Marmot also offers a warranty on all of its products, ensuring that⁤ you can have peace of mind⁢ with your purchase. Marmot also provides excellent customer​ service, making sure that any issues that come up are quickly remedied.

Brand 4: Columbia

1. Affordable Gear: Columbia is a great option for those ​looking for quality gear, at a more affordable price point. Columbia’s‌ products‍ are durable and⁤ dependable, yet still come at a lower price than REI’s products.

2. Style: Columbia offers a ⁢variety of styles, from technical outdoor apparel to ​casual everyday wear. ​No ‌matter what type of outdoor activity you’re engaging in, Columbia has something for you.

3. Quality Assurance: ⁣In addition, Columbia’s products come with a quality assurance guarantee, allowing you‍ to return or exchange any product that does not meet your expectations. This ensures that shoppers will‍ always be satisfied with their purchase.

Brand 5: Eddie​ Bauer

1. ‍Range of Options: Eddie‌ Bauer has a wide range ⁢of products ⁢for any outdoor enthusiast. The brand offers clothing, footwear, and camping equipment, ensuring that you can find ⁢the perfect option for your next ⁢adventure.

2. Quality: Eddie Bauer’s products are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, so you know that you’re​ getting the best quality that you can. Whether ​it’s a durable pair of boots or a cozy fleece jacket, you know you’ll be getting the best of the best with Eddie Bauer.

3. Low Prices: Eddie Bauer gear ⁤also comes at a​ lower price than most REI products,⁢ ensuring that you can get the same quality gear without breaking‌ your budget.

Brand 6: The North West Company

1. Variety of⁢ Products: The⁣ North West Company has a wide selection of items, from apparel to⁢ camping supplies. No matter what you’re looking for to fulfill your ‌outdoor activities,⁤ the North‌ West Company has something for everyone.

2. Quality Assurance: All of The⁢ North West ⁢Company’s products come with a quality assurance guarantee, meaning that you ⁣can return or exchange any item that doesn’t⁤ meet your standards.

3. Low Prices: The North West Company also⁢ offers lower prices than ⁣REI, ensuring ‍that you can get quality gear at a great price.


There are plenty‌ of ⁤great brands like REI out there, offering a great selection of products and quality customer service. Whether you’re looking for outdoor ​apparel, camping⁤ supplies, or just⁤ something to keep you ‌warm, the brands​ listed above provide quality options at a⁤ great price. No matter what you need to fulfill your outdoor⁣ desires, these six brands all have something⁤ for you.

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