6 Brands Like Negative Underwear:

6 Brands Like Negative Underwear:

⁣ Introduction:

Do you search out for high-quality ‍and stylish undergarments? Are you a fan of the minimalistush⁣ contemporary designs that transcend⁣ into the mainstream‌ market? It’s rare to come across a good pair of briefs ​that don’t look ‌overly ‌frilly or outlandish. ⁤If you are on a⁢ quest of finding such a pair, then Negative Underwear is for you. It is a brand that makes​ super comfortable underwear with ⁢all of the necessary‌ features. While ⁢they specialize in basics, there ‍are​ some really fun colors and ⁤designs to choose from. If you fancy this brand, ⁢take a look at these other 6 brands​ alike Negative Underwear to​ make your decision even easier!

Brand ‌1:  Knickey

1. Comfort and Materials : Knickey specializes in hardware-free underwear, which means they are extremely comfortable ‍and lightweight. The collection is made with luxe fabrics, such ⁢as Lenzing‌ Modal ⁣and Pima Cotton. Plus, they also have a selection of cotton-blended fabrics for extra breathability. This brand also ⁤makes undies with lace details that look just⁤ as good as ​they ⁤feel.

2. ⁢Design Styles : Knickey features a⁣ variety of cuts⁣ and designs, from thongs to bikini briefs. They don’t offer full coverage as much as Negative Underwear, but they make both bikini​ and high-waisted ​hipster briefs that‍ look exceptionally good.

3. Price : Knickey’s underwear prices range from‍ $14 to $25 per pair. ⁢Considering the quality and materials, it won’t be ⁤a huge hit on your wallet.

Brand 2: Briefd

1. Comfort⁣ and Materials : ‍ Briefd underwear⁣ is made with sustainable fabrics, such as ECONYL and recycled⁣ polyamide. It is stretchy and made to last for a long ⁤time. Plus, they ⁤also feature a unique fabric blend for ribbed underwear.

2. Design Styles : Briefd makes a wide​ range of ⁢underwear: thongs, briefs, ⁤bikinis, and even hipster styles. Just like Negative Underwear, Briefd has a⁢ little something for everyone. Plus, it has the classic black ⁤and white designs, ‍as⁤ well as vibrant and cheerful colors.

3. Price: Their undies range from $9.95 to ⁢$19.95 per‌ pair. That’s pretty inexpensive compared ‌to other brands her material.

Brand 3: Girlfriend Collective

1. Comfort and Materials : Girlfriend Collective⁤ specializes in ‌premium​ performance fabric undies made⁢ with⁤ recycled ⁢fibers. They are ⁢super softand lightweight and can be worn for everyday, as well as workout ⁣and athletic activities. Plus, they are also ⁤very durable⁤ and made to last.

2. Design Styles : Girlfriend Collective ​offers‍ a⁤ good selection of brief styles, from thongs to high-waisted briefs. They don’t offer ⁣full coverage but you’ll find ‍some great high-waisted ⁣bikini briefs here as well.⁣ Plus, they come in both bright ‌and⁢ neutral colors.

3. Price : Girlfriend‌ Collective’s underwear prices range from $20 to $39 per pair. That’s‌ a ⁣bit‌ pricier ‌than other brands, but considering the ⁣quality and materials, it’s well worth it.

Brand 4: MeUndies

1. ​Comfort and ‌Materials : MeUndies ⁣has​ a wide selection of lightweight and comfortable undergarments. They are made with luxurious fabric​ such as modal, spandex,⁤ and⁣ lycra, as well as a variety of other fabrics. Plus, they also offer ⁤some ⁢styles that are made with recycled‌ materials.

2. Design Styles: MeUndies⁣ has a unique selection of undies,⁤ from cheeky briefs to high-waisted bikinis.‍ They also have thongs, Brazilian briefs, and‌ mid-rise ‌briefs that are perfect for⁣ everyday ⁢wear.⁤ Plus, they also offer ​unique ⁤features⁤ such as ribbed fabric ​and mesh‌ panels.

3. Price : MeUndies underwear prices range from ⁢$14 to ⁢$22‌ per pair. That’s ‍much more affordable compared to other brands.

Brand 5: Skiviez

1. Comfort and Materials : Skiviez offers a wide selection of briefs made‌ with comfortable and⁤ stretchy fabrics, such‌ as cotton ‌spandex and modal. Plus, they also ⁣have styles made⁤ with mesh fabric and other breathable materials.

2.‌ Design Styles : Skiviez features a wide ‍selection ⁢of designs,‌ from thongs to full coverage briefs. They have‍ some interesting designs in ⁣thongs and also ⁤feature faux-leather styles ⁤for those looking for a more edgy look.

3. Price : Skiviez’s underwear prices range from $15 to $27 per pair.​ Compared to other‌ brands,‌ it’s very‍ affordable.

‍ Brand 6: Lively

1. Comfort and Materials : Lively makes some of the most comfortable briefs in the market. They are ‌made with super ⁤soft​ modal fabric that⁢ is both ​lightweight and ​breathable. Plus, they also have some styles made with recycled polyester for extra eco-friendliness.

2.⁤ Design Styles : Lively features a wide selection of ⁤different cuts and styles, from thongs to high-waisted briefs. They also ⁢have some unique designs such as ribbed fabric, faux-leather, and sheer. ⁣Plus, they have classic colors and‌ vibrant prints.

3. Price : ‌ Lively’s briefs prices range from $15 to $35 per pair. They have some more expensive​ styles,‌ but you ⁣can ‍find ​some affordable options as well.


Negative​ Underwear ​is a great⁢ brand‍ for those who love quality and stylish undergarments. If ​that’s enough for you, then‍ check out⁤ these ​6 brands like Negative Underwear to ⁢find just what you’re looking for. All 6 brands here ​specialize in comfort and style,⁣ and⁤ offer a great‌ selection of styles and prices. From MeUndies to Skiviez, each one has something special‍ to offer that will make you⁣ reach out for your wallet!

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