6 Brands Like Monica Vinader:

6 Brands Like Monica Vinader:


Staying ‌in trend requires investing in quality and chic pieces. Jewellery is​ something that can instantly up level any outfit⁣ and Monica Vinader is one of the stylish and fashionable jewellery brands with unique and distinct ⁢designs. For those wanting to explore ‍some more​ options in jewellery, here we ‍have laid⁤ out six brands like Monica Vinader to try ⁣out for different yet stunning pieces.

Brand 1: Frey Wille

1. Unique Artwork: Frey Wille is a jewellery brand from⁤ Austria-Hungry that specializes in bridging art and fashion. All the pieces from this brand are inspired from iconic art that feature in their jewellery. They have some of the most stunning works of art with ⁤enameling‍ and a luxurious 24K gold color.

2. Incredible Collections: Frey Wille offers collections ‌from the 19th-century oriental art, Hundertwasser unique art, Italian influence and other masterpieces​ from generations. These artistic collections can be purchased ‌as entire sets or as individual‌ pieces.

3. Unique Pieces: From swords to abstract pieces,⁢ they ​have some unique ⁢jewellery pieces that you won’t find elsewhere. Even though every piece is espresso cup/tea ‍saucer-inspired, and uniquely symbolic, they are incredibly lightweight and comfortable​ to wear.

Brand ⁢2: Jan Leslie

1. Carved Design: ‍Jan ​Leslie speaks volumes of luxury⁢ with their carved design pieces. They have got their beautiful ‍signature look with a‍ variety⁣ of shapes, sizes and⁣ colors‌ of hues.⁣ Their pieces come with clear colour contrast and a modern design,​ to simply stand out from the⁣ crowd.

2. Everyday Pieces: From everyday wear to occasional pieces of art, they have got them all. With the introduction of ⁣a new angle to the classic pieces, ‍Jan Leslie offers a unique, classic and affordable collection of the most fashionable and trendy jewels.

3. Custom ⁤Designs: Unlike any other jewellery brand, Jan‍ Leslie also offers custom designs ‍to ​their customers. You can choose from their ready collections or design ‌your own‍ piece to get a unique ⁤and special piece that you can wear with any outfit.

Brand 3: ELLE Jewelry

1. ‌High Quality Stones: ELLE Jewelry ⁢is known for ‍its ‌use of high-grade stones,‌ 14K gold-plating and diamonds for its pieces. Each piece of jewellery from this brand‌ is of the finest quality with attention to every little detail.

2. Contemporary Designs: ⁢ They have ‌chosen some of ‍the best modern classic ‍pieces and incorporated them in their design. Their jewellery pieces are bold and with a minimalistic​ twist that makes it timeless and ⁤classic.

3. Innovative Art: ELLE Jewelry experiments with diamond cuts, shapes and different metals to represent the modern woman and‍ design pieces that make her feel her best.

Brand 4: Kara Ackerman

1. Signature Look: Kara Ackerman is a jewelry brand with an emphasis on⁤ clean ⁢shapes and bright colors. They have an unconventional look that relies heavily ⁤on metal and⁢ their designs are very light, airy and delicate.

2. Creative Works: Every piece⁣ of jewelry that they make is an experimental work of ⁣art. They combine both ancient and modern techniques along with colors and shapes to create unique and stunning ​pieces for women.

3. Re-Invention of Jewellery: Kara Ackerman’s ultimate goal is to ⁢reinvent jewellery ‌and re-vitalize it with the styles of today. They make sure‍ that there is something ‍unique and special in every piece that helps it stand out from the ⁢others.

Brand 5: Doves by Doron⁢ Paloma

1. Nature-Inspired Pieces: As the brand name implies, the jewelry from Doves by Doron Paloma is nature-inspired with ⁣its designs. It is a take on nature’s beauty with birds, flowers,⁣ and other elements from nature in gold and gemstones.

2. Unique Textures: This jewelry line from Doron Paloma uses a variety‍ of different textures and materials. From hammered gold to pavé ​diamonds, there are unique pieces that ‍Millenials ⁤would surely love to ‌collect.

3. Handcrafted Pieces: Every piece of jewelry from the brand is ⁤handcrafted with ⁤passion and precision. ​The collection features unexpected elements and unique textures and forms, crafted meticulously with best possible gemstones.

Brand ⁣6: Isabel ‌Bernard

1. Geometric Shapes: Isabel Bernard is⁤ a trendsetting jewelry brand that has taken off exponentially in the last few​ years. They combine geometric ​shapes with vibrant colors to create⁤ chic, stylish and modern pieces.

2. Eye-Catching Designs: The designs from Isabel Bernard combine modern and ancient influences to create ‍beautiful and stunning pieces. They have a strong emphasis on color and ‌geometry,‍ making each piece a unique and eye-catching work of art.

3. Playful ‍Pieces: With their playful and fun designs, ‌Isabel Bernard ‌also lets its⁣ customers ‍get creative with their pieces. From mixing different shapes and sizes to combining multiple pieces, the jewellery from this brand can be personalized in unique ways.


From signature looks to high quality stones, jewellery is always in style and Monica Vinader is a great wardrobe addition for any⁤ fashionista. But, there are times ⁣when we need to explore further and find something new. These ​six brands like ​Monica Vinader are perfect‍ for discovering stunning yet chic pieces with unique designs and artworks.

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