6 Brands Like Local Eclectic:

6 Brands Like Local Eclectic:


Shopping for unique, handmade, artisanal goods from around the world has become a much​ sought-after experience for many consumers, and⁢ there is no better way to find these ⁢products than through online stores such as Local Eclectic. Every item on Local Eclectic is totally one-of-a-kind, ethically-sourced, and handcrafted from artisanal artisans ‍- making⁤ the shopping experience an utterly ‌unique‍ and special one. But⁤ for those that have shopped ⁤Local Eclectic ‌before, there are⁣ plenty of other online‍ stores ​providing the same experience.⁢ In this⁢ article, we‍ will go through 6⁢ brands like Local Eclectic that offer​ the same level‌ of quality and unique designs.

Brand 1: Etsy

1. History: Established ‍in 2005, Etsy has become a globally recognized name in the ethically crafted⁢ and ‌handmade market. With millions of unique products‌ and sellers from around⁤ the world, Etsy ‍has become the​ premier⁢ destination for discovering​ handcrafted ⁣finds.

2. Why Shop Here?: When shopping ⁢on‍ Etsy, ‍you can​ be sure that the item you’re ⁢buying is truly ⁢one-of-a-kind. You ⁣can find handmade products across various categories such ‍as ⁢jewelry, clothing, home ‌decor, and more. And if you ever have a⁢ question or issue about your purchase, Etsy offers excellent customer service.

3. Shipping: Etsy ​offers international shipping, as well as various shipping options depending on the product and seller. You can also find sellers that ship ⁤for free, so be sure to ⁢keep that in mind when making a purchase.

Brand 2: Uncommon ​Goods

1. History: Uncommon ⁢Goods ​is an ethical and sustainable shopping platform, ⁣providing consumers​ and gift-givers looking ‌for unique and meaningful goods. Through their network of thousands of makers, they offer items that are truly uncommon and distinctive.

2. Why Shop Here?: When shopping ‌on Uncommon​ Goods, you can be⁢ sure you’re buying something unique.⁤ Since the items are​ handcrafted by artisans, each item is truly special. This​ can make Uncommon Goods great for‌ gifts, as each item is ⁢a unique ​reflection of​ the recipient.

3. Shipping: Uncommon Goods ​offers free shipping on orders over‍ $100, as well as various shipping options available‌ depending on the item. They also offer international shipping, meaning⁢ you can shop for​ items from anywhere in the world.

Brand 3: Handmade ⁤at Amazon

1. History: Handmade at Amazon is Amazon’s ⁢answer to‍ the current trend‍ in handmade and artisanal goods. With thousands of artisans selling⁣ their products,​ this marketplace is a great destination for finding unique, and often more ‌affordable,⁤ items.

2. Why Shop Here?: ‍Handmade at Amazon offers more than just unique products, they also have ‍great customer service and ⁤reliable shipping. Plus,⁣ many of the items on‌ this site are also‍ offered at‍ a more affordable‍ price than⁤ other stores‌ like Local Eclectic or ‍Uncommon Goods. It’s also ​great for ⁤finding gifts quickly, as most‍ items can⁣ be shipped within two days.

3. Shipping: Handmade at Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $25‌ and offers various shipping options, including two-day shipping for many items. They also offer international shipping, making it easy to shop for items from anywhere in the world.

Brand 4: Jaypore

1. History: Jaypore is an ethical shopping platform dedicated to ⁣the discovery of unique, handmade finds from ​around the world. What separates Jaypore ‍from other stores is their commitment to ethical production, ensuring that all their‍ items are made responsibly and sustainably.

2. Why‌ Shop ⁢Here?: Shopping ⁣on Jaypore‍ means you ⁤are not only giving yourself a unique item, but also supporting the artisans who make them. Jaypore has a ‍wide variety of handmade items from around the world, making‌ it easy to discover ‍something special and support the artisans that made them.

3. Shipping: Jaypore offers free shipping for orders ⁤over $50 and offers both standard and express shipping options. They also ship‍ to ‍over 20 countries, making it easy ⁤to shop from anywhere in the world.

Brand 5: Hiptipico

1. History: Hiptipico is an online store that specializes ‌in ethically-sourced, locally-produced items from artisans in Latin America. Founded⁣ in ⁢2014, Hiptipico ⁢works ​directly with ​artisans from all over Latin America to create unique and quality goods for their customers.

2. Why Shop Here?: Shopping on Hiptipico⁣ not ⁢only means getting a unique item, but also ⁤directly supporting the artisans⁢ that made them. This is great ⁣for‌ those ‍looking to find⁣ unique items⁢ that reflect various Latin American cultures while also giving ‍back‌ to the ⁣artisans.

3.​ Shipping: Hiptipico ⁢offers free shipping ⁢for orders over $50 and offers both⁤ international and domestic shipping. They also⁣ offer Express shipping, making it easier to get your new items quickly.

Brand⁣ 6: Artfire

1. History: Artfire is​ an online ‍marketplace that connects handmade artisans from around‌ the world. With over two million products‌ from⁢ independent artisans, Artfire has ‌quickly become a hub for discovering unique, handmade goods from around the world.

2. Why Shop‌ Here?: Shopping ⁣on Artfire means you’re getting true handmade, artisanal ⁣items. Plus, you⁢ can rest assured every item bought is ​of the highest quality and⁣ that you’re directly supporting the artisans that produced them.

3. Shipping: Artfire offers ⁣various shipping⁤ options, as well​ as international‍ shipping.‌ They also offer free returns, so you can be sure you’re getting the item you’re looking for.


Finding unique and ​artisanal items from around the world has become ⁤a‍ much sought-after‌ shopping experience, and no other store compares to Local Eclectic in providing this experience. For those⁤ that are looking for‍ other stores similar to Local Eclectic, the above 6 ⁤brands are excellent options. From Etsy and Uncommon ‍Good to Artfire and Jaypore, you can‍ be sure to ⁤find the perfect handcrafted item that is both unique and ‌ethically sourced.

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