6 Brands Like KAWS:

6 Brands Like KAWS:


KAWS, the creative brand that produces limited toys and clothing, is ​no doubt a pioneer in the street and artwear industries. Founded by the creative duo‍ of Brian Donnelly and James Jarzembski, KAWS has become an iconic figure in the urban and hip hop culture, setting trends​ worldwide. However, some may have heard of KAWS and not known of the other great brands just like it. Here are 6 brands like KAWS that are sure to bring up your street cred and make you stand ‌out from the crowd.

Brand 1: Complex

1. History: Complex is a multi-platform media company based in Los Angeles, California. It⁤ was founded in 2002 ⁢by fashion industry veteran Marc Ecko and is currently owned by‌ Complex Media Inc. Founded with the intention of creating an online magazine that celebrates,⁤ promotes, and connects the creative and diverse lifestyle of urban youth, Complex has grown to become one of the leading forces in ‌the worlds of art, design, streetwear, and​ music. The brand has ⁢an ⁣impressive portfolio of‌ collaborations with some of the biggest names in the fashion and streetwear industries, as well as musicians, athletes, and cars.

2. ⁣Style: ⁣ When⁢ it comes to‌ Complex’s style, it’s all about the urban lifestyle. The brand focuses heavily on streetwear⁤ and high-end design, offering a‍ variety of styles to keep the customer engaged and continually innovating. Underpinning its streetwear style is Complex’s focus on art and music. The brand works with creative directors, musicians, and designers to create pieces that capture the essence of urban life and its culture.

3. Products: Complex’s product range is known for its mix of streetwear, limited edition pieces, and collaborative collections, providing something for everyone. Clothing items such as tees, sweaters, shirts, shorts, and jackets are available in regular sizes or extended sizes for an even broader selection.​ Accessories such as hats, bags, wallets, and jewelry also make up ⁢a large part of the offering. In addition, ​the Complex shop has an impressive collection‌ of limited edition merchandise, with everything from collaborations with high-profile‌ athletes to partnerships with up-and-coming graffiti artists.

Brand 2: Supreme

1. History: Supreme is a New York-based clothing brand that was founded in 1994 ⁣by James Jebbia. Famous for its high quality and exclusive products, Supreme has become one of the leading names in ⁤streetwear. With its unique style and instantly recognizable​ logo, Supreme‌ has become known as one of the most influential ⁤streetwear ​brands in the world. Supreme offers a wide range⁢ of products from clothing and accessories to limited edition items and exclusive collaborations.

2.‍ Style: Supreme’s style is characterized by a combination of streetwear and high-end fashion. ⁣The brand offers a mix of premium streetwear, classic skate/snowboarding wear, and collaborations​ with prominent designers, illustrators,⁣ and musicians. Supreme’s design is minimalist yet eye-catching, focusing on bold and creative elements that stand out. ‌The main focus of⁢ the brand is to offer ​unique, trend-setting items that make a statement.

3. ‌Products: Supreme’s product range includes a wide ⁢variety of clothing‌ items⁤ such as tees, sweatshirts, ‍hoodies, denim, and jackets. Accessories such as hats, backpacks, and wallets are also available. ‍Supreme also collaborates with a host of‌ creatives, including musicians, artists, and photographers, to create special edition⁣ items that are often highly sought after. Customers can also look forward⁢ to exclusive releases, such as Supreme’s ‍popular box logo hoodies or⁤ limited edition sneakers.

Brand 3: Billionaire Boys Club

1. History: ​Billionaire Boys ​Club was founded in 2005 by ‍Pharrell ⁤Williams and Japanese fashion designer Nigo. This influential brand ​quickly gained popularity with its‍ streetwear designs and iconic astronaut ⁤logo. Billionaire Boys Club is also behind the popular clothing and Accessories brand, Ice Cream. Both Billionaire Boys Club and Ice ⁣Cream are deeply connected to ⁢the music and streetwear scene,⁢ delivering products that embody a cool and creative lifestyle.

2. Style: Billionaire Boys⁣ Club’s style is heavily‌ influenced by streetwear and music. Through its unique aesthetic and bold ⁤designs, the ‍brand captures the essence and⁤ attitude of streetwear while also​ staying true to its original ‌purpose – to create clothing that allows customers to express themselves. Billionaire Boys Club offers a mixture of classic streetwear pieces such as tees, sweatshirts, and pants, as well as specialized pieces ‌like accessories and limited edition items.

3. Products: Billionaire Boys Club ‍offers an array of clothing pieces and⁢ accessories. T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and jackets in a variety of colors and styles are available,​ as well as hats, sunglasses, wallets, and ‍more. Customers can also look forward to limited edition items such as collaborations with prominent brands and creatives, as well as exclusive offerings. ​As with​ many of these brands, ‌Billionaire Boys Club also offers its own special box logo‍ collection of clothing‌ and accessories.

Brand 4: Bape

1. History: Bape, or A Bathing Ape, is a Japanese streetwear and clothing brand ‌that was founded by Nigo in 1993. The ‍brand quickly became ⁢popular in Japan and later in the ⁣rest of the world for its⁢ unique take on streetwear, featuring a mix of classic streetwear pieces and bold, creative ‍designs. Bape has⁢ also been heavily connected to music, particularly hip-hop, and is well known for its ⁤collaborations with artists.

2. Style: Bape’s signature style is‌ a blend of streetwear and Japanese street culture. The⁢ brand’s designs are often loud and colorful, with a ​focus on bold ‍graphics and vivid patterns. Bape also ⁢puts a high emphasis on quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring that each piece is made with the utmost care. As for the ⁢products, Bape offers a broad range of​ apparel, as well as accessories and ​limited edition pieces.

3. Products: ‌ Bape offers a great selection ‍of clothing items such as tees, ⁣long-sleeved shirts, polos, sweaters, hoodies,⁢ and denim. The brand also carries accessories ⁤such as bags, wallets, hats, and sunglasses. Customers can also look out for Bape’s signature box logo items and ⁣limited edition collaborations with renowned creatives. In addition to clothing, Bape is also known for its unique ​collectibles, such as figurines, toys, and more.

Brand 5: Mishka

1. History:Mishka is a New York-based clothing brand that was ​founded in 2003 by artists​ and musicians Greg Rivera and Mikhail Bortnik. The brand quickly gained popularity for its bold designs and unique approach​ to streetwear. Mishka continues to‍ create clothing and accessories for those who appreciate high-quality and creative products,​ with ⁣a nod to ‌urban culture.

2. Style: Mishka’s style is a mix of streetwear and punk. Its designs often ‌feature bright colors ‍and bold graphics, with a touch ​of punk attitude and whimsy thrown in. The brand also​ puts a⁤ high emphasis on⁢ quality craftsmanship,​ ensuring that each piece is made with attention to detail. As ‍for the product offerings, Mishka offers⁢ a wide range ‌of clothing and accessories.

3. ⁢Products: Mishka’s product range includes clothing⁤ pieces such as ​tees, polos, hoodies, and⁣ jackets, as well as a range of accessories and trinkets. ‍Customers can look out for Mishka’s signature box logo ‌items, as well as seasonal releases ​and collaborations with‌ renowned creatives.⁢ Mishka also offers a selection of collectibles, such as pins, patches, and toys.

Brand 6: Undefeated

1. History: Undefeated​ is‌ a Los Angeles-based clothing brand that was founded in 2002 by James Bond and Eddie Cruz. The brand is best known for ​its stylish yet comfortable ‌streetwear and has become ‌a household name in the streetwear scene. Undefeated has been heavily involved ⁤with music and art, collaborating with ​artists to create unique pieces‌ as well as limited edition items.

2. Style: Undefeated’s style is characterized by a combination of streetwear and high-end fashion. The brand offers a mix of classic streetwear pieces and unique collaborations, such as collaborations with⁣ musicians, sportswear brands, and artists. Each design is bold and creative, and the brand puts ‍emphasis ​on quality materials and craftsmanship. ⁣

3. Products: Undefeated’s product range includes a wide selection of⁣ clothing pieces such as tees, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, and jeans. Accessories ​such as hats , bags, and⁢ wallets are also available. Customers can look out for Undefeated’s signature box logo items, as well as limited edition products from⁣ collaborations. Undefeated has even been known to work​ with renowned artists, illustrators, and musicians to create exclusive items.

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