6 Brands Like Ipsy:

6 Brands Like Ipsy:


If you’re a​ beauty enthusiast who loves trying⁣ new products and ⁤discovering exciting brands, then​ you’re probably familiar with Ipsy. Ipsy is a popular beauty subscription service that delivers a personalized selection of makeup, skincare, haircare, and‍ other​ beauty products right to your door each month. But what if you’re​ looking to explore other similar brands that offer a unique beauty experience? In this article, we’ll uncover 6 brands like Ipsy that are worth checking out. Get ‌ready to dive into ⁣the world of beauty exploration!

Brand 1: Birchbox

1. Overview: Birchbox‌ is another well-known⁢ beauty subscription service that offers a curated selection of ‍deluxe beauty samples each month. With a focus on ‌both well-known and up-and-coming brands, Birchbox is perfect for those who love⁤ to discover new products.

2. Personalization: Like Ipsy, Birchbox ​allows you to customize your beauty profile to⁢ receive products that suit ‍your ​preferences. This ensures that you’ll always receive products that are tailored‌ to your needs​ and preferences.

3. Add-Ons: Birchbox also offers the option to purchase full-sized products of your favorite samples⁢ from their online ⁢store. This⁢ gives you the opportunity to stock⁣ up on products that you‌ love without having to wait for your next monthly box.

Brand 2: BoxyCharm

1.‌ Full-Sized Products: ⁣ BoxyCharm sets itself apart by offering full-sized beauty products in each monthly subscription box. If you love trying out new ‌products and getting the most ⁣bang for your​ buck, BoxyCharm is⁤ a great option.

2. Variety: BoxyCharm curates a mix of makeup, skincare, haircare, and other beauty products‌ in each box, allowing you to explore a wide range of brands and products. This variety ensures that you’ll never get bored with your ‌monthly beauty discoveries.

3. Beauty ⁤Quiz: BoxyCharm uses a​ beauty quiz to determine your ​preferences and create a personalized‌ box for you each month. This ensures⁣ that you receive products that align with your beauty needs and preferences.

Brand 3: Allure Beauty Box

1.‍ Value: The Allure Beauty Box is known for offering high-value beauty products at an affordable price. Each box contains a mix‌ of full-sized and⁤ deluxe samples, making it a great option‍ for those who want to‍ get the most value out of their subscription.

2. Editor’s Picks: The ⁣Allure Beauty Box‌ includes products that have⁢ been tested and approved by Allure’s ⁣beauty editors. This ensures that you’ll receive top-quality ⁢products that have been vetted by experts‌ in the beauty ‌industry.

3. Beauty Education: In addition to products, the Allure Beauty ​Box includes a mini-magazine with beauty ‍tips, tricks, and product recommendations. This educational ⁢element ⁤adds value to the subscription and helps you make the‌ most of your beauty products.

Brand 4: FabFitFun

1. ​Lifestyle Products: FabFitFun is a subscription box that goes beyond beauty to⁢ include ⁢lifestyle products such ​as fitness accessories, home decor​ items, and wellness products. If you’re looking ⁣for a well-rounded subscription that covers all aspects⁢ of your life, FabFitFun is a great choice.

2. Seasonal Boxes: FabFitFun ⁢releases seasonal boxes that are curated based on the time of year. This allows you ⁣to receive products that are tailored to the current season, whether it’s skincare essentials for summer or cozy items for ⁤winter.

3. Customization: FabFitFun ‍allows you to customize some ​of the products in your box, ⁣ensuring that you receive items that align with your preferences. This customization adds a personal touch to your⁤ subscription and makes‌ it⁣ feel ‌truly tailored to your needs.

Brand 5: Play! by Sephora

1. Sephora Selection: Play! by Sephora is a beauty subscription box curated by the popular ​beauty retailer, Sephora. Each⁢ box contains ‍a selection of beauty samples from​ Sephora’s extensive ​range of products, allowing you to try out new products from one of the most⁤ trusted names in beauty.

2. Beauty‍ Insider Benefits: Play! by Sephora subscribers are also eligible ⁣for Beauty Insider benefits, such as exclusive discounts, events, and rewards. This adds value to the subscription and⁤ allows you to take advantage of special perks as a Sephora customer.

3. Educational Materials: ​ Play! by Sephora⁢ includes beauty tips, tricks, and product information⁢ in each box to help you make the most of your beauty⁤ samples. This educational component adds​ value to the subscription and⁣ helps you improve your beauty routine.

Brand 6: Glossybox

1. Luxury Brands: Glossybox is known for including high-end and luxury‌ beauty brands in each subscription box. If‍ you love ⁤indulging in luxury beauty ⁣products, Glossybox is a great way to discover new brands and products​ from around the world.

2. Limited Edition Boxes: Glossybox releases limited edition boxes throughout the year that focus on specific themes ⁣or collaborations. ‍These boxes offer a unique beauty experience ⁣and allow you to try out products that are exclusive to Glossybox subscribers.

3.‍ Beauty ‍Surprises: ⁢ Glossybox is ⁤all about surprises, with each box containing ⁣a mix of full-sized and deluxe samples‌ that are carefully curated to provide you with a⁢ luxurious beauty experience. This element of surprise adds excitement to each box and keeps you eagerly anticipating your next ‌delivery.


In conclusion, ⁢if you’re a beauty lover who enjoys⁣ exploring new products and brands, there are⁣ plenty of subscription boxes out there that ⁣offer a similar experience to Ipsy.‍ Whether you’re looking for personalized⁣ samples, full-sized⁣ products,⁢ curated selections, ⁤or high-value items, there’s a beauty subscription box that fits your preferences. From Birchbox to Glossybox, each brand offers a unique beauty experience that will keep you excited and engaged with your beauty routine. So, why not try out a new beauty subscription box today and discover a whole ⁣new world of beauty products waiting to be explored?

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