6 Brands Like Helly Hansen:

6 Brands Like Helly Hansen:


When it comes to quality‌ outdoor gear and clothing, Helly‌ Hansen is a brand that comes to mind. Known for their durable and ‍functional products, Helly Hansen‍ has built a reputation for providing reliable outdoor apparel. However, if you’re looking ⁢to ​explore ⁣other brands that offer similar quality and⁢ performance, we’ve compiled a list of six brands that you’ll want to check out.⁢ These ​brands​ bring their own unique features and styles to the table, ensuring that you’ll⁢ find options that suit your⁣ outdoor needs.

Brand 1: The North Face

1. Versatility: One of the key similarities between Helly Hansen and The⁢ North Face is their commitment to versatility. Both brands offer a‌ wide range of products that can be used in various outdoor activities. From hiking and camping⁢ to skiing and snowboarding, you’ll find ​gear that ‍fits your⁢ needs from both brands.

2. Weather Protection: Just like Helly Hansen,⁤ The North Face‌ is known for‍ its weather-resistant clothing and gear. Whether you’re facing rain, wind, or snow, you can trust that both brands will keep you protected from the elements.

3. ​Durability: ⁣ When it comes to ⁢outdoor gear, durability is essential. The North‌ Face shares Helly Hansen’s commitment to producing‌ products that ⁢are built to ⁤last. Both brands use high-quality materials and rigorous ⁤testing to ensure their products ⁤can withstand the demands ‌of outdoor adventures.

Brand 2: Arc’teryx

1. Technical Expertise: Arc’teryx is renowned for its technical expertise in‌ outdoor gear​ design. Similar to Helly Hansen, Arc’teryx focuses⁢ on creating products that are well-suited for specific activities.⁤ Whether you’re mountaineering or trail running, you’ll ⁤find gear from Arc’teryx that is tailored⁢ to your needs.

2. Innovation: Helly Hansen and ⁣Arc’teryx both‍ prioritize innovation in their product development. These brands continuously seek to improve upon existing designs and materials, ensuring that customers have​ access to the latest advancements in ⁢outdoor gear technology.

3. Attention to Detail: Both Helly Hansen and⁤ Arc’teryx ‌pay close attention⁤ to ‌every ⁣detail in their products. From the stitching ⁤to the zippers, these brands prioritize‍ quality craftsmanship. This attention to detail ensures that their gear offers excellent performance ‍and longevity.

Brand 3: Patagonia

1. Environmental Sustainability: Just‌ like Helly Hansen,​ Patagonia is ‌committed to environmental sustainability. Both brands ⁤strive to ​minimize their ecological footprint by using recycled materials,‍ reducing water consumption, and supporting fair labor practices. Their focus on sustainability makes them appealing options for ‍eco-conscious outdoor⁤ enthusiasts.

2. Ethical Manufacturing: Helly Hansen and Patagonia share a commitment to ethical manufacturing practices. They prioritize fair treatment ​of workers, ensuring that ‌their‍ products are produced under humane conditions. By choosing ‌either brand, you’ll be supporting companies that value the ⁣well-being ⁤of ⁣their employees.

3. Outdoor ⁤Community Engagement: ​ Both Helly Hansen and Patagonia actively engage with the ‌outdoor community. They sponsor events, support athletes,‍ and contribute to ⁢environmental causes. Their involvement⁤ helps foster a sense of ‌community ​and inspires people to connect ‍with nature.

Brand 4: Columbia ‌Sportswear

1. Wide Product⁢ Range: ​ Similar ⁢to Helly Hansen, Columbia Sportswear offers a ​wide range​ of products for various ⁣outdoor⁣ activities. From hiking boots ⁤to ski jackets, you’ll find everything you need ⁣for your outdoor ⁢adventures from both brands.

2. Price Range: Both Helly Hansen and Columbia ⁢Sportswear offer ‍products ⁢at ⁤different⁤ price points, catering ​to customers with different⁢ budgets. Whether you’re looking ⁣for affordable options or high-end‌ performance gear, you’ll ‍find choices from both brands.

3. Functionality: Helly Hansen ⁣and ‍Columbia Sportswear prioritize functionality in their designs. Their products are‌ created to enhance your outdoor experience, providing features like adjustable hoods, moisture-wicking fabrics,‌ and plenty of pockets for storage.

Brand‍ 5: Mammut

1. Alpine⁤ Focus: Mammut, like Helly‌ Hansen,​ has a strong focus on alpine ​gear. Both brands‌ offer products that are specifically designed for mountaineering and climbing. Whether ‍you’re scaling a peak or tackling⁤ icy‌ terrains, you can rely on‌ gear from either brand to ⁣perform⁣ in the⁢ harshest‍ conditions.

2. Technical⁢ Materials: Helly Hansen‍ and⁢ Mammut both utilize ⁣technical materials ​in their product lines. They prioritize materials ‌that are⁢ lightweight, breathable, and enhance performance. This attention to material selection ensures ⁢that their gear is optimal for outdoor activities.

3. Safety: Safety is a crucial aspect of ⁣outdoor adventures, and both​ Helly Hansen and Mammut ⁤prioritize it. From‍ avalanche​ beacons to climbing ‍harnesses, these ‍brands offer a ‍range of safety ‍equipment ⁣to keep‌ you protected during your outdoor pursuits.

Brand⁢ 6: ⁣Rab

1.⁣ Mountain Heritage: Rab⁤ shares Helly‌ Hansen’s ⁣mountain heritage. Both brands have a strong presence in the mountaineering community and offer products that cater to mountain enthusiasts. ‍Whether you’re an‍ experienced climber or ⁤a weekend hiker, you’ll find ⁢gear from both brands ‍that live up‍ to​ your⁤ expectations.

2. Quality Insulation: Helly Hansen and⁤ Rab place‍ great emphasis ‍on insulation.⁤ From down jackets to synthetic options, both brands offer a variety of insulated products ‌to⁣ keep you warm in cold conditions. They use premium‍ insulation‍ materials, ensuring that⁤ you can⁢ confidently take on chilly adventures.

3. Expert Design: Both Helly ⁤Hansen and Rab have expert designers who understand the specific needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Their gear reflects this expertise⁤ and delivers exceptional performance. From precise fits to ‌functional features, you can trust ​that the​ design of⁤ their products ⁣will enhance ​your outdoor experience.


In conclusion, while Helly Hansen is a ⁣reputable brand in the outdoor gear industry, there are several ‌other brands that offer ⁣similar quality and‌ performance. Whether you’re looking for versatility, durability, environmental sustainability, or technical​ expertise, brands like The North Face, Arc’teryx, Patagonia, ⁤Columbia Sportswear, Mammut, ‍and Rab have got⁣ you covered. Explore​ these‌ brands to find the gear that suits your outdoor ⁤needs and enjoy your next adventure with confidence and style.

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