6 Brands Like Good American:

6 Brands Like Good American:


Good American is an American ⁣clothing line owned by ‍the fashion designer Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede. The​ purpose of this line is to make stylish, fashionable clothing that is highly flattering and fits all body types. It is known for its signature jeans and denim skirts, which‌ are very ⁣popular among fashion lovers. But not everyone can afford ⁣to buy from ⁣Good American, or maybe someone is looking for ‍other brands like Good ​American. Here are 6 similar brands like Good American that are ‌affordable and fashionable.

Brand 1: Levi’s

History: Levi Strauss first ‍came to the U.S. ‍from Bavaria in 1850, ‌and began working in the dry goods business (which is where he would acquire his name ‍Levi). His‌ signature style of⁢ jeans was inspired by Territorial Californian workers, and were first ⁤released in 1873. Since then, it has become one of the most iconic ​fashion labels‌ of all time.

Style: Levi’s is known for its classic and timeless silhouette. It carries both men’s and‌ women’s clothing, and features items such as jeans, denim jackets, shirts, and accessories.

Price Range: Levi’s jeans range from budget-friendly to mid-level, usually $50-$150.

Brand 2: Loft

History: Loft was founded in 1969 by Pete Rahall and Ann Leigh in New York City. Its focus was on ⁤modernizing and democratizing traditional clothing,⁤ enabling more fashion-forward women to find a style they love ⁤without⁣ breaking the bank.

Style: Loft is dedicated to creating timeless and‍ fashionable clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. They offer tops,​ bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and other stylish, trendy‌ pieces.

Price Range: Loft sells ⁢items with a reasonable price range, typically starting at⁤ $30.

Brand ⁤3: Old Navy

History: Old Navy was ‍founded in 1994 and is a subsidiary of Gap Inc. It began as a⁣ store that sold basic ​items such as khakis and cargo shorts, but over the years it has⁣ evolved into more ‌of a fashion-forward‌ retailer.

Style: Old⁢ Navy offers clothing items in both a classic and contemporary ‌style. This⁢ includes denim jeans, chinos, khakis, and other basics, as well‌ as dresses, ⁤graphic tees, and ⁣more.

Price Range: Old Navy generally provides budget-friendly items, prices ranging from‌ $10-$50

Brand 4: Madewell

History: Madewell was founded in 1937 as a workwear retailer. The label was purchased by J.Crew group in 2006,⁤ and relaunched in 2006 as a contemporary lifestyle label.

Style: Madewell offers a wide range of stylishpieces, ranging ​from⁢ denim and chinos to ‍blazers and dresses. They also⁢ offer ⁣accessories, such ⁢as‌ bags, jewelry, and scarves.

Price​ Range: Madewell carries clothing ​that is reasonably priced, with an average range between $25-$150.

Brand 5: ⁣American⁢ Eagle

History: American Eagle was founded in 1977 and is best⁤ known for its denim jeans. The brand seeks to provide jeans that are⁤ comfortable and stylish,⁣ suited for any occasion.

Style: American Eagle is primarily focused ‍on denim, and the brand also offers ⁢clothing items⁣ such as graphic tees and sweatshirts, chinos, sweaters, and more.

Price Range: ⁢American Eagle jeans are⁤ quite reasonably priced, ranging from $20-$50.

Brand 6: NYDJ

History: ⁢ NYDJ was founded⁤ in⁣ 2003 in Los Angeles, ⁢California. It is a denim ‍brand that is dedicated⁤ to ⁣providing‌ comfortable and ⁤slimming denim in all⁣ different shapes and sizes.

Style: NYDJ offers stylish and ⁢slimming denim jeans, chinos, and shorts, for both men and women. The ⁣brand also offers⁢ dresses and other ‍clothing items.

Price Range: NYDJ tends to be on the more of the expensive side, with average ‌prices ranging from $90-$100.


Good American ⁢is a great clothing line, but it is not the only brand that is fashionable and flattering. There are many other options, like Levi’s, Loft, Old Navy, Madewell, ⁤American Eagle, and NYDJ, that are both ‌affordable and fashionable. No matter your style or budget,​ these 6 brands like Good American provide stylish clothes that fit all body types.

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