6 Brands Like Crap Eyewear:

6 Brands Like Crap Eyewear:


Crap Eyewear is a popular brand known for their stylish and⁢ affordable eyewear options. However,‌ if you’re looking to explore other similar brands that offer the same level of⁢ quality and style, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will be discussing 6​ brands like Crap Eyewear that are worth considering for your next eyewear purchase. ‌From⁣ trendy designs to high-quality materials, these brands have it all.

Brand 1:⁢ Quay Australia

1. Trendy Designs: ​ Quay Australia is an eyewear brand that is ⁤known for its trendy and unique designs. They offer a wide range of eyewear⁤ options, from oversized sunglasses to sleek ​and modern frames. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, Quay Australia is the brand for you.

2. Affordability: Just like Crap ⁢Eyewear, Quay Australia offers affordable eyewear without compromising on quality. ⁤You can find stylish‌ and durable sunglasses at a fraction of the price of designer brands.

3. Celebrity Endorsements: Quay Australia has gained popularity among celebrities, with many of them spotted wearing their sunglasses. If you want to emulate the style of ​your favorite celebrities, Quay Australia is⁤ a great choice.

Brand 2: Warby ⁤Parker

1. Ethical Practices: ‌Warby Parker is a brand that focuses on ​ethical and sustainable practices. They are committed to providing affordable​ eyewear while also giving back to the community. For every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker donates a ​pair to someone in need.

2. Home Try-On: One unique feature of Warby⁢ Parker is their home ⁤try-on program. You can select up to 5 frames‌ and have them shipped‍ to your home, allowing you to ‍try them ⁣on and choose ⁢the perfect ​pair without leaving your house.

3. Prescription Options: Warby Parker not only offers stylish sunglasses but also prescription eyewear. Whether you need ⁣glasses for reading or everyday use,⁤ Warby Parker has⁣ a wide ​range of options to choose from.

Brand 3: Sunski

1. Polarized Lenses: Sunski is a ⁢brand that focuses on providing⁢ affordable sunglasses⁣ with polarized lenses.‍ Polarized lenses reduce glare and provide better clarity, making them perfect for outdoor activities.

2. Sustainable ⁢Materials: Sunski is dedicated to sustainability and uses recycled plastic ⁢to⁤ make their frames. If​ you’re conscious of your environmental impact, Sunski is a brand that aligns with your values.

3. Adventure-Ready: Sunski sunglasses are designed to be adventure-ready. Whether you’re hiking, skiing,⁤ or surfing, Sunski sunglasses are durable and​ can withstand any outdoor activity.

Brand 4: Knockaround

1. Customization⁢ Options: Knockaround offers customizable sunglasses,⁤ allowing you to choose frame colors, lens colors,‌ and even⁣ add polarized lenses if desired. You can create a pair of‌ sunglasses⁢ that perfectly matches your personal style.

2. Limited Edition Releases: Knockaround frequently releases ⁣limited⁣ edition sunglasses, collaborating with artists and brands to create unique and collectible designs. If you’re a fan of limited edition items, Knockaround is‍ the brand for you.

3. Durability: Knockaround sunglasses are known for ⁤their durability. Made with impact-resistant‌ lenses and sturdy frames, these sunglasses are built to last.

Brand 5: Raen

1. Handcrafted Frames: Raen ⁢is a brand that prides itself ⁤on its ⁤handcrafted frames. Each pair⁢ of sunglasses is made with attention to detail and ​precision, resulting in high-quality eyewear.

2. Classic Styles: Raen offers a range of classic and timeless styles that never go out of fashion. ⁢If you prefer a more refined and sophisticated look, ⁢Raen has the perfect eyewear for you.

3. Premium Materials: Raen uses premium materials​ such as acetate and stainless steel to create‍ their frames.⁢ These materials ensure ​durability and comfort, making Raen‌ sunglasses a long-lasting investment.

Brand 6: Proof Eyewear

1. Sustainable Wood Frames: Proof Eyewear is known for its frames ⁢made from sustainable ⁤wood. These unique frames add a touch of nature to your eyewear collection while also⁤ being eco-friendly.

2. Gives Back to the Community: Proof Eyewear is committed to giving back to the community. With every purchase, a portion of ‌the proceeds goes towards various charitable causes.

3.‌ Prescription and Blue Light⁢ Options: Proof Eyewear offers prescription ⁣options for those ⁤in need of corrective lenses. They⁤ also have blue light lens options, perfect for those who spend a lot ‍of time in front of screens.


In ‍conclusion, if ‌you’re a‌ fan‌ of Crap‌ Eyewear but want to ‌explore other‌ brands, these 6 alternatives offer similar quality, style, and affordability. From trendy designs to sustainable materials, each brand has⁣ its unique features that set them apart. Consider trying out these​ brands and discover the perfect eyewear that ‌suits your individual style and preferences.

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