6 Brands Like Baggallini:

6 Brands Like Baggallini:


If you’re a ‍fan of Baggallini, a brand known for its stylish and functional bags, you’ll love these six similar brands that offer similar ​quality and ‍style. Whether you’re looking for a​ new travel bag, everyday tote, or⁢ an accessory to complement your outfit, these​ brands have got you covered. From ⁢durable materials to well-thought-out designs, these brands will meet ⁣your fashion and functionality needs. Let’s dive into the world of six brands ⁢that are like Baggallini!

Brand 1:‍ Travelon

1. ⁤Anti-Theft Features: Travelon is renowned for its anti-theft ⁣features that ⁤ensure your belongings stay safe while on the go. With features such as slash-resistant materials, secure locking compartments,⁣ and RFID-blocking pockets, you can travel with peace of mind.

2. Versatile Designs: Just like Baggallini, Travelon ​offers‌ versatile designs suitable for various occasions. Whether you need a crossbody bag, backpack, or a rolling ​bag, Travelon ⁣has options to suit your⁢ preferences.

3. Durability: Travelon bags are made from ⁤high-quality materials that are built to last. They can withstand the wear and tear of daily use and frequent travel, making them a reliable choice for long-term use.

Brand 2: Delsey

1. Innovative Luggage: Delsey is‌ a brand renowned for ⁢its innovative luggage designs. From ⁤expandable compartments and⁤ spinner wheels to built-in TSA locks and durable exteriors, Delsey luggage offers convenience and ‍style for the modern traveler.

2. Lightweight Options: Just like Baggallini, Delsey understands ⁢the importance of lightweight luggage. Their designs prioritize minimal weight without compromising on storage capacity or durability, ‍making them a popular choice among frequent flyers.

3. Sleek Aesthetics: Delsey combines functionality with sleek aesthetics, ensuring that ‍your luggage doesn’t just perform well⁣ but also looks stylish. Their designs are contemporary and timeless, catering to various personal styles.

Brand 3:⁣ Fossil

1. Timeless Accessories: Fossil, known for its watches, also offers a ⁢wide ⁤range of ‍bags and accessories. Their‌ bags feature timeless designs and high-quality materials, making‍ them suitable‌ for both casual and formal ⁣occasions.

2. Genuine Leather: Just like Baggallini,⁣ Fossil utilizes​ genuine leather in many of its bag​ designs.⁤ The ​use‌ of premium materials ensures durability and adds⁢ a ‌touch of luxury to each piece.

3. Attention to Detail: Fossil‌ pays attention‌ to the small details that⁣ enhance the overall​ style and functionality of their bags. From carefully designed ⁤pockets and compartments to reliable⁢ hardware, their bags offer practicality without sacrificing aesthetics.

Brand 4: Kipling

1.⁤ Playful ⁢Designs: Kipling ⁤is known‍ for its ‌vibrant and playful bag designs.⁣ Whether ‍it’s their iconic monkey keychain⁣ or​ colorful‌ patterns, Kipling bags bring ⁤a sense of fun to your‍ everyday style.

2. Water-Resistant Materials: Similar to Baggallini, Kipling incorporates water-resistant materials into their bags, ensuring that your belongings stay dry in unexpected weather‍ conditions. This feature is particularly beneficial for ‍those who often find themselves caught in the rain.

3. Organization: Kipling bags are designed with organization​ in mind. They offer various compartments,⁢ pockets, and card slots that make it easy to keep your essentials neatly organized. Say goodbye to digging around in your bag!

Brand 5: Tumi

1. Premium Materials: Tumi is a brand that prides itself on using premium materials to‍ create durable and luxurious bags. From leather ‍accents to ballistic nylon, Tumi bags exude sophistication and elegance.

2.‌ Innovative Features: Tumi is⁣ known for ​its⁤ innovative features, such‌ as ‌the Add-a-Bag sleeve, which allows⁣ you to conveniently attach your bag ‍to your luggage. ​Additionally, their bags often incorporate smart technology, like built-in charging ports.

3. Travel-Friendly Designs: Tumi designs its bags with travel in mind. ⁣They offer features like TSA-friendly laptop compartments, easy-to-access pockets, and expandable storage options, making them the perfect companion for jet-setters.

Brand⁤ 6: Timbuk2

1. Customization: Timbuk2 allows you ‌to customize your bag to‌ suit⁢ your preferences. Whether ‌it’s​ adding extra pockets, choosing a unique color​ combination, or even adding your initials, Timbuk2 lets you create a bag that truly reflects your style.

2. Cycling Heritage: Timbuk2’s​ roots are in cycling, and their bags often incorporate features that cater to cyclists. These include reflective detailing, loop attachments for ‍bike lights, and helmet storage compartments.

3. ‍Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Timbuk2 is⁣ committed to sustainable practices. They offer recycled fabric options, minimize waste in their manufacturing‌ process, and contribute to various​ environmental programs.


In a world filled with brands, finding ones that match the quality and style of Baggallini can be challenging. However, these six brands – Travelon, ⁣Delsey, Fossil, Kipling, Tumi, and Timbuk2 – offer similar features and ⁤aesthetics that will satisfy your bag cravings. From anti-theft features to customization options, these brands prioritize ‌functionality⁤ while ensuring your style stays intact. So, if you’re‍ looking for brands like Baggallini, consider exploring what these fantastic options have to offer. Happy bag shopping!

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