6 Brands Like Athleta

6 Brands Like Athleta


Athleta is a ‍popular brand ⁢that offers high-quality activewear ‌for women. However, if you’re looking⁢ to explore⁣ other⁢ options similar to Athleta, ‍we have got you covered. In this article, we will discuss six brands that‌ provide similar products​ and cater to the needs of active ⁤and stylish women. Whether you’re ⁤a fitness⁢ enthusiast or someone who enjoys comfortable clothing, ⁤these brands have ⁤something for everyone. Let’s dive in and ⁢explore these amazing brands!

Brand 1:⁤ Lululemon

1. Quality ⁤Materials: Lululemon is renowned for its exceptional‍ quality. ‍They use ​advanced fabrics that are ⁢not only durable⁣ but also provide excellent comfort. Their products are designed to withstand intense⁤ workouts and retain their shape even after multiple washes.

2. Versatile Clothing: Just like​ Athleta, Lululemon offers a wide​ range of​ versatile clothing options. From yoga pants⁤ and leggings to sports bras and tops, they have everything you need to ⁤complete your workout wardrobe. Their clothes can easily ‍transition from the‌ gym to everyday ⁣wear, allowing ‍you to ‍stay stylish ⁢and comfortable⁤ wherever​ you go.

3. Stylish Designs: If fashion is as important to you​ as performance, Lululemon⁤ won’t disappoint. They combine⁤ functionality with style, offering trendy designs that will make you feel confident during your‍ workout. ⁤Whether‍ you prefer vibrant ⁣colors or classic neutrals, Lululemon has something to ‍suit your taste.

Brand 2: Outdoor Voices

1. Focus on⁤ Movement: Outdoor Voices is all about encouraging people​ to get moving. Their products are ⁢designed to ‌support various⁣ activities, whether​ it’s hiking, ⁣yoga,‍ or simply going for a walk. Outdoor Voices believes in celebrating​ the⁣ joy of staying active and their clothing reflects that mindset.

2. Lightweight and Breathable Fabrics: Comfort ‌is key​ when it comes to⁤ outdoor activities,⁢ and ⁣Outdoor Voices understands that. Their clothing is ⁢made‍ from lightweight, ‌breathable materials that allow for unrestricted movement and optimal comfort. You’ll feel free⁤ to conquer any ⁢outdoor adventure⁤ with their stylish and functional activewear.

3. Inclusive Sizing: ⁢Outdoor Voices ⁣believes ‍that everyone should have access to⁤ comfortable and stylish ‌activewear. ‍That’s why they offer inclusive sizing options,⁢ ensuring that women of all shapes and sizes​ can find clothing that fits them perfectly. Their commitment to inclusivity sets them apart ⁤and makes them‍ a brand worth⁤ exploring.

Brand⁢ 3: Sweaty ⁢Betty

1. Premium Quality: Sweaty Betty is known for its⁤ premium quality activewear. ‍Their⁣ products are ⁤meticulously crafted from⁢ high-performance fabrics that provide durability, flexibility, and all-day comfort. You can trust Sweaty Betty ‍to deliver ⁢on both style ⁤and functionality.

2. Unique Prints and Patterns: If you ‍love adding a⁣ splash ⁣of color and⁤ personality to your⁢ workout wardrobe,‍ Sweaty Betty is​ the ⁣brand for⁢ you. They offer a wide range of activewear featuring unique prints and patterns that will ⁣make​ you stand out from the crowd. From floral‌ designs to abstract patterns,‌ there’s something for every taste.

3. Supportive Sports Bras: Sweaty Betty⁢ understands the importance of a good sports bra. They offer a variety of⁢ styles that provide excellent support and comfort, catering to different ⁢levels‍ of impact.⁣ Whether you need a bra‍ for yoga or high-intensity workouts,⁣ Sweaty Betty has got ​you covered.

Brand 4:‍ Fabletics

1. Affordable Activewear: Fabletics ⁣is a brand that believes in making stylish activewear accessible to all. They offer a subscription-based model that provides​ customers with ‌quality⁢ products at affordable prices. You can enjoy trendy​ and high-performance activewear without breaking the bank.

2.⁢ Size-Inclusive Options: ‍Fabletics ⁤understands that women come in all shapes‌ and sizes. They offer a wide range of ‍sizes, including ⁤plus sizes,‌ ensuring⁤ that everyone can find activewear that fits them perfectly.⁢ Their‌ commitment to inclusivity ‍has made them a popular choice ‍among⁢ women of all body⁤ types.

3. Celebrity ‌Collaborations: One ‍unique aspect of Fabletics is their collaborations with celebrities ​like Kate Hudson. These limited-edition collections⁤ combine the star‍ power of famous​ individuals with Fabletics’ expertise in activewear. If you⁤ want to ⁤rock the same⁤ styles as your favorite celebrities,‍ Fabletics is the brand for you.

Brand 5: Beyond ‌Yoga

1. ⁢Ethical⁢ and Sustainable Manufacturing: Beyond Yoga prioritizes ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. They believe in⁤ creating clothing ​that not only feels ​good on the body⁢ but ​also​ does⁣ good​ for the planet. Their commitment ⁣to eco-friendly practices sets them apart from other ​brands.

2. Soft and Luxurious Fabrics: If​ you’re someone who values comfort above all, you’ll fall in love⁢ with Beyond Yoga.‌ Their clothing is made from ultra-soft fabrics that feel ⁣incredible against the skin. ⁣Slip into their leggings or ⁢tops, and you’ll experience a level of comfort ⁤you’ve never⁢ felt before.

3. Inclusive Range of Sizes: Beyond⁣ Yoga understands ⁤that women come in different sizes, and they strive to provide options for everyone. Their range of​ sizes includes standard,‍ extended, and plus sizes, ⁢ensuring that​ every woman ‌can ⁣find the perfect ‍fit. Say goodbye to ill-fitting activewear ​and embrace Beyond Yoga’s size-inclusive offerings.

Brand 6:‍ Nike

1. Global Sportswear Leader: Nike​ is a​ household name when it comes to ​sportswear.⁣ They have a wide range of activewear for women that combines​ performance with‍ style. Whether you’re a professional athlete or‍ a casual gym-goer,⁣ Nike has something ‌for everyone.

2.‍ Cutting-Edge Technology: ​Nike is constantly ⁢pushing‌ the boundaries of innovation. They⁣ incorporate cutting-edge technologies ⁤into their activewear to enhance performance​ and​ comfort. From moisture-wicking fabrics to breathable materials, Nike ensures that you can perform at ⁢your best.

3. Endless Variety: Nike offers ​an ‍extensive range of⁢ activewear, allowing you to⁤ create a personalized workout wardrobe.‍ From leggings and shorts to tops ⁤and jackets, you’ll find everything you need to elevate your fitness ‍game. With Nike, you’ll never run out of options.


If ‍you’re looking ⁤for ⁢brands like Athleta that ​offer high-quality, stylish, and functional activewear, these six options are ​worth ⁢exploring. Whether you prioritize ​sustainability, inclusivity, or​ affordability, there’s a brand on this list that caters to your needs. From​ Lululemon’s premium quality to Outdoor Voices’ focus on movement, each ‌brand brings its unique strengths to the ​table.⁣ Choose the brand ⁣that ⁤resonates with you⁣ the ‌most and take your ‌fitness journey ⁢to new ‍heights ​with confidence and style.

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